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About iCare Academy

iCare Academy is an online learning platform devoted to providing quality educational resources and support to students of all ages. Our comprehensive platform offers students a variety of course materials and resources tailored to their individual needs, including self-paced and instructor-led courses.

Through custom learning plans and assessments, iCare Academy ensures that each student is receiving the best learning experience possible. We also provide an online community of students and educators, allowing them to interact and collaborate with one another.

At iCare Academy, we strive to provide a comprehensive, customized learning experience that meets the needs of each individual student. With our innovative approach and comprehensive resources, iCare Academy is the perfect platform for helping students reach their educational goals.

About iCare Life

At iCare Life, we are dedicated to transforming the vast pool of poorly trained students that provides essential Services to millions. Our training curriculum, formulated in Singapore, is well researched and draws references from global benchmarks. All the students must go through stringent assessment protocols to
earn iCare Certification.

Our training and certification program ensure that employers can assess competent and reliable service providers. We are committed to enhancing social capital by improving productivity through defined Service Standards.


iCare Life is a social venture with a mission to build a community of professionals, and transparency that supports the need for a caring society for the future world. We, at iCare Life, believe that – “Sustaining this widespread and vast need ot trained manpower can only be addressed by innovative learning management and high-
touch member engagement, leading to reduced costs and improved quality.”

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